December 23, 2011

Snowflake Monster

Far above the ground, higher than even the place where lost balloons go, there lives a monster.  A monster who is currently having a panic attack.

“I’ll never make it!  I’m totally behind!!”  He paces restlessly. “It’s not like anyone else is volunteering to do this!!”  The monster's wife dodges his worried steps, countering his panic in a long-suffering tone. “’s not like you would let them.”  His glare is icy when he responds. “None of them understand!  These must be quality!!  This is no ordinary snow!!!”  He stomps into his workshop and starts on another snowflake.

Each is its own masterpiece.  First, he freezes a single drop of water into a perfect disc of ice; he then uses his array of carving tools and a steady hand to carve the most perfect of ice sculptures.  Each one is as unique as the first one he ever made (back in the long long long long long, very very long ago.)

“Snow for the Holidays” is a very specific formula for Snowflake Monster, consisting of a combination of naps, Wintertime blend coffee and sugary snacks provided by Mrs. Monster.  There inevitably comes a time (today) where even the naps can’t keep him calm, and he loses his cool.  It is then up to Mrs. Monster to deliver her usual speech.

“Snowflake Monster, you listen to me!  It’s not all about you!!  Your snow is wonderful -- it really is a miracle to see those puffs of white falling to the ground -- but you are not the only miracle in town!  This time of year people are helping each other in ways they never have before, visiting friends they haven’t seen all year, sending loving gifts, and remembering all the wonderful things about being alive.  If there is a winter wonderland this time, that’s wonderful! But if the snow doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean there is any less love or helping or wonder.  Whatever snow you have, send it out to those who really need it and call it a night!  There are two more months of winter, after all. Maybe three if we’re lucky!”

Snowflake Monster tries to hold on to his panic...but as the truth settles in, his face thaws, and he gives his wife a grudgingly fond look.  Tomorrow is another day and another 42,000 snowflakes, but tonight means a snuggle on the couch and that movie with the humongous elf.