December 13, 2011

Get Well Monster

Ah the sound of carols in the morning. The sun peeking over the horizon while the neighbors tree lights blink cheerfully.  The scent of coffee and holiday cookies.  …wait…where is the scent?  The cookies are right there, why can’t you....  Oh no. 

You’re sick.  Sick for the holidays.  This can’t be happening!  But it’s true.  You can feel the aches creeping into your bones, and the congestion clouding your head.  Why now?!  This just isn’t fair!  You have so much to do!

Worry not.  Get Well Monster is here!  Though she may not have a cape or magical lasso, she has something better!  Love.  She flits about with her get well wand, spreading holiday love wherever you go.  Because, let’s face it - you really need it!  Your head is pounding and you wish your bed were under your desk, but Bob just brought you chamomile tea and Shirley is loaning you her favorite holiday films.  You’re thinking about hibernating till next week, but there’s your mom with an early gift of a cozy sweater!  

So, though you might want to wallow in your VapoRub prison, Get Well Monster just won’t let you.  And even in the midst of all your griping, the realization hits you that if you hadn’t gotten wouldn’t have been able to feel so loved by everyone.  Not that it’s fun to be sick during the holidays...but maybe, just like everything else, even that is better this time of year.