December 8, 2011

Snow Day Monster

You watched the local stations, the big news stations, and especially The Weather Channel.  You listened to the local radio and were eyeing the sky all day.  Before bed you did the traditional dances and then in bed said the prayers and promises. 

Now it’s early -- earlier than usual for you to be up -- but you have to look, you have to see!  You’re about to lift that single panel on the’re desperately hoping for blinding white...   

What you don’t know is that this entire time Snow Day Monster has been watching the show and giggling up a storm (quite literally).  He’s been chortling to himself since your first check of the forecast.  Because what he’s known all along is that today -- oh sweet goodness almighty -- today is a snow day!

When you take that first step outside to bask in the glory of a winter wonderland, he may not come out to take credit for his present to you, but he’s more than happy just to know you’ll be giggling along with him.