December 7, 2011

Monster of Forgotten Gifts

There is a time in every holiday season when gifts are given, opened, gasped about, thanked over, and then thrown into a back closet with all the other gifts that have been given, opened, gasped about and thanked over in years past.  Some may be scavenged by children or spouses.  Some may be re-given, opened, gasped about, and thanked over in their turn.  Others just sit...sadly...waiting for no one and serving no purpose. 

The Monster of Forgotten Gifts is the only keeper of these gifts.  He sits with them.  He comforts them in their time of sorrow.  “What will I ever do?” asks the multi-functional key chain.  “All in good time” says the monster.  “All in good time, my multi-functional friend”

And when the house is quiet and the gift-givers sleeping, the monster creeps in and selects a few forgotten gifts for his great pouch.  These gifts he wraps with bright paper and decorates with bits of things until they look just as wonderful as any other brand new gift on a holiday.  Then he places each gift in a home that seems to be whispering for them.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Come each holiday day - the gift is opened, gasped about, thanked over, and then loved.  Loved for a very long time.