December 1, 2011

Monster of Holiday Decorations

The Monster of Holiday Decorations is a cheery little miss.  Want to find her? Just follow the sound of off-key holiday humming!  You’ll know it’s her by the overly enthusiastic greeting and holly glasses.  She’ll also undoubtedly try to recruit you into her decorating schemes.  Beware.  They will not “just take a minute”. 

Her collection of decorations is vast and ever-growing, due to helpful after-season sales.  (Tinsel at 50% off? She will take eighty-four boxes, please!) However, if you are caught in her bubbly net of cheer, take heart: her haphazard decorating technique is made up for by sheer exuberance.  It’s impossible not to chuckle at her tangled light displays while you hoist another 7,000 watt yard creature.  And though you may worry about her electric bill while munching her homemade cookies, you needn’t concern yourself; she’ll pay without question.  To her; creating a bright spot in this world that gives strangers and friends alike a moment of joy, is worth any price.