December 2, 2011

Snow Fort Monster

The Snow Fort Monster awakes daily during the snow season as bright and early as the sun rises.  He rushes to the window and takes a good hard look at his scientific snow instruments and the lay of the land.

When the snow instruments give all the right beeps, bloops, and bubbling blurps and the snow on the ground twinkles just right in the sun, he knows it is time. Then the Snow Fort Monster gets a steely gleam in his eye and a curl to his lip before pronouncing that today -- yes finally, today -- is a “Snow Fort Day”.

He rushes to his closet and whips out his rocket ship underpants.  A quick rummage through his trunk produces his diagrams and architectural plans.  Then, with much pomp and circumstance, he dons his snow jumpsuit and sets out into the cold to build his masterpiece.

Some Snow Fort Days end with elaborate forts.  Some with very small, not-so-impressive forts.  It doesn’t matter.  Snow Fort Monster always returns home with a serious pronouncement that Snow Fort Day has been a great success.

And really -- how could a day that ends in hot cocoa and dreams of future snow forts be anything but?