December 12, 2011

Procrastination Monster

This morning a monster rolled out of bed...right before rolling back in.  He slapped his alarm ferociously and grumbled when he finally put his feet on the ground.  Reaching the kitchen by feeling along the wall, he smiled for the first time when the coffee pot burpled happily at him.  Three cups later and he was standing with his eyes open!  It was a Monday miracle! 

He shuffled to the calendar and took a long breath before looking at the date.  “December the 12th”  Huh.  Not much on the calendar for today, not much for tomorrow, either.  Oh wait...what was that a few days away?  Heavily circled in red pen, “Please start early this year!” in the margin....  Procrastination Monster took a good hard look at this date.  He noted the red pen and read the notes in the margin several, studious times….and then he started a game of Angry Birds.

It’s not that Procrastination Monster didn’t want to be prepared this year....he’s just not very good at doing the things he plans for himself.  And really, although he says all the time that he’s going to change and do things early this time, we all know that he enjoys his procrastination far too much.  Sure, he’ll end up rushing around like a crazy person when he finally does start, but let’s be really totally completely honest here....he likes it just fine that way. 

So if you haven’t started your preparations yet, don’t worry.  When that day comes you’ll almost certainly be rushing around and wishing for more time...but live it up today!  Know why?  Today is not that day.