December 10, 2011

Mistletoe Monster

It’s that time again.  Holiday parties are filling your calendar.  You choose your outfit carefully, arrive fashionably late, and eat only as many artisan cheese puffs as you can safely fit in your mouth at once (you’re classy like that).  A holiday beverage jumps into your hand, just to “cleanse the palate”.  You’re groovin, you’re happy, and you’ve covered all your holiday party bases...except one.

Mistletoe!  Front and center.   Somehow you’ve managed to be in the doorway right underneath it!  A quick glance -- anyone to the left?  Anyone to the right?  You don’t even see it coming.  An epic smooch later, you’re barely breathing, and a co-worker is smiling at you...

Mistletoe Monster delights in creating holiday party insanity.  No love seat, shadowy corner, or kitchen pantry is safe.  He deftly sneaks in his weapon of choice -- a lovely sprig of mistletoe -- and watches the hilarity ensue.  His mistletoe has even the most staid of hearts beating to a holiday tune.

So when you get ready for that party on Saturday...even if you’re sure you won’t need them; pack those mints.