December 4, 2011

Homemade Gift Monster

What bright, glittery wrapping paper!  What a lovely – if a little lopsided – bow!  What an amazing gift tag!  ...What.....What is it?

The Homemade Gift Monster can sometimes leave us wondering...  Is this soap or a candle?  Is it a hat or a tea pot cozy?  Is it a book of poems or pressed flowers?  Oh wait!  Both!

Although you may have moments of trepidation while opening her gifts, the Homemade Gift Monster is nothing but joyful as she makes them.  You can hear her in her workshop, giggling and joking with herself while she molds wax or paints a handkerchief. 

Your gift from her may not come in another color or with a gift receipt, but then it doesn’t come with any less love, either.  The thing about her gifts is you know she loves you enough to make something for you with her own furry hands.  And come on, do you really need another basket of lotion or necktie organizer?