December 3, 2011

Light in the Window Monster

There is a monster out there in the dark that waits for a light to turn on.

This monster looks around a neighborhood at night, seeing families, friends, and otherwise happy humans playing and talking.  He walks through yards and play sets until he finds a house where there seems to be a human missing.  The humans there may be happy and talking and playing, but something in their eyes says they wish a certain human were there to share the talking and playing with them.  The monster watches these houses, and he waits for nighttime.  He waits to see them turn off all the lights but one.  One in the window -- ready to guide their human home.

When he sees this light he smiles, just a small smile. No one is quite sure why.  Some say you can see the glisten of a tear on the monster’s face, but always, there is his smile.  Just a small monster, sitting on a play set, smiling in the soft light of a single lamp.