November 30, 2011

First Things First: What is this?!

Every year there comes a special time.  A time when leaves wave goodbye to their trees and Jack Frost comes out to play.  A time when the air swirls with cinnamon and hope.  A time when rain is replaced with tiny crystals....and a time for monsters.

“Monsters?!” you might say. “What are monsters doing there?”  Well here’s the thing about it -- they’re always there!  You may not have been paying attention (and honestly I can’t blame you.  Isn’t there a new iPhone out?) but monsters are everywhere this time of year.  You can’t hang a wreath or light a candle without running smack-dab into a monster.  Now the monster won’t always tell you it’s there; contrary to popular belief, monsters do not just roar and amble about eating things! (Well...some do...OK, some definitely do, but not all!) Many monsters are in fact very glad to go entirely unnoticed for years at a time.  While some act so natural most people never even notice they aren’t human. So how are you supposed to see these monsters?  How will you know what they even look like? Are they a danger to us?! What if they’re here?!  All around us?!!  RIGHT NOW?!?!

Whoa -- calm down, Crazy.  Do you think I’d tell you about monsters that are all around, all the time, then simply stop writing and let you freak out forever?

….yeah, I probably would.

But hey, it’s the holidays!  So for your peace of mind I will help you out this season.  Lucas and I will post one Monster of the Holiday Season on this very blog, every day during the month of December.  You could call it an advent calendar of sorts.  A....somewhat silly, but we hope very informative, advent calendar.  Each day you’ll get to meet a monster; I’ve written a small bio for each monster, and Lucas has been kind enough to provide portraits of each one. (You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get a monster to sit still....let’s just say it’s taken more than a few gummy bears.)

The two of us have been lucky enough to somehow pierce this monster veil (we’ve been seeing the darn things for years now.)  We hope we can share our love for them with all of you.


-Ginger & Lucas-

P.S.: Special thanks for making this project possible go to our patient and encouraging families, Mark & Mel for endlessly inspiring us, and Emily: silent partner in all of our ridiculous endeavors.