December 6, 2011

Snuggle Monster

It’s cold. The trees are cold, the ground is cold, the bugs are cold, the sky looks cold (although it is very far away so one can’t be completely sure), swing sets are cold, windows are cold...  Where can all the warm be?!  Thankfully there is one monster who has this situation handled.  Snuggle Monster knows you’re cold.  He knows you’re dreading touching that freezing floor in the morning with your defenseless feet.  And he knows just how to fix it: a snuggle.

Snuggle Monster makes sure that every snuggle is a warm one.  He prowls through living rooms, bedrooms, by window seats and your big comfy chair, and when he sees a snuggle he pounces!  Whether it’s the cat cozying up on your lap, a casual arm around your shoulder, or a serious snuggle with a loved one, he’s there to dive right into that snuggle and send out the heat waves.  Snuggle Monster hunkers down and turns your snuggling love into waves of toasty.  He loves nothing more than a good movie, an occasional piece of stray popcorn, and some serious snuggling.   So while your attic might hit you with the chills when you’re retrieving the decorations this season, Snuggle Monster will always be ready to warm you back up.