December 14, 2011

Holiday Movie Monster

Oh man, what a great day at the office.  Carols and cookies!  Decorations are up, spirits are high, and productivity is up, too!  Now for a quick meal in front of the television before a serious workout and some laundry.  Productivity abounds! 

So many show options... CSI, SVU, and TMI!  Last check of the guide before...oh, no...Jiminy Cricket!  A holiday movie marathon!  Every holiday film from your childhood lined up in those blue brackets!  Maybe you can just watch a minute....  It’s over.  You’re trapped.  How did you get this hot cocoa?  What is this fudge doing here?!  You’re a marathon goner.  As you bite into another chunk of the “peppermint delight” you realize it’s going to be a “wake-up-on-the-couch-in-your-holiday-jammies” kind of morning tomorrow...

No worries.  Holiday Movie Monster is right there with you for every commercial break.  You’re not paying attention, so you don’t notice when she hands you the fudge.  You think you must have eaten all of it.  Oh, no.  She’s been setting you up this whole time.  Just waiting on that couch in her holiday jammies, swinging her stumpy legs to and fro.  She’s been arranging those brackets of 80’s holiday films and specials all day.  Nudging the fudge into position and readying the cocoa, smiling quietly.  She’s not much of a conversationalist, but she interacts in her own way.  When that moment happens (the one that should be cheesy but instead your eyes water a little and your heart grows a few sizes), if you just looked to your left at that moment, you’d see her.  She’s looking right at you, a beaming smile on her face, telling you without so many words that you’re the best part of her year. 

So, when you have that thought the next day that all adults seem to get, the one that goes: “What did you get done last night?!”  I hope -- for her sake -- you’ll tell that thought to shove it and go eat some fudge!