December 11, 2011

Unexpected Kindness Monster

The mall is full of angry people. The grocery store, too.  The neighbors are hustling to buy gifts, the postman scurrying to deliver them, and the mall Santa is promising them left and right.  Everyone is drinking too much, eating too much, and running around like it’s Armageddon. 

Unexpected Kindness Monster chuckles at the sight, shakes his head, and gets to work.  A man turns suddenly. “Ma'am, may I carry that for you?”

A woman who was just moments ago yelling at a store clerk stops short.  “Why...thank you, sir.  Yes, that would be nice.”  As they make their way to her car, she tries to hold onto being annoyed and frazzled...but she just can’t.  A smile slowly dawns on her face, and Unexpected Kindness Monster smiles with her before trudging on.

“Excuse me, waiter?  Could you do me a favor?  The young couple with the new baby over there?  Could I pay their bill with mine?  No need to tell them, they just look like they could use an easy night.”  A smiling -- if a little confused -- gentleman exits the popular restaurant. An hour later, so does an astounded and grateful new family.  Unexpected Kindness Monster ambles along behind them whistling a jaunty tune.  He’s pleased with his day’s work and ready for bed.  Tomorrow is another big day of helping humans to be kinder.  It’s not that they aren’t kind by themselves, but at such a busy time they can forget. They just need a little help remembering.

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