December 21, 2011

Holiday Treat Monster

Oh, sweet goodness...the break’s flooded.  Peppermint chocolate cake languishes on the main table with caramel s’more bites and Santa-shaped rice treats.  A yule log is taking center stage on the counter, and a Panettone is crowding the plates of cookies that have materialized by the coffee bar.  The entire office looks a candy sprinkler has gone off, tossing sweets in every direction.  No surface was spared.  And everything -- absolutely everything -- is covered in sparkling sugar.

As you clench your eyes shut, desperately trying not to grab a candy cane and start shoveling it all onto a plate, all you can think is:  “How did this happen again?!”   Yesterday it was the girls’ get together that was hit, the day before it was your mother’s house, and last night it was the holiday party.  It’s so unfair!!  How will you ever keep from becoming a holiday blimp?!!

Holiday Treat Monster isn’t listening.  She’s way too busy sneaking red and green after-dinner mints onto your desk while you’re out of the way.  She doesn’t understand what “target weight” even means.  She smiles broadly at you as you finally take a plate, then frowns slightly when you put as few items on it as possible.  You both smile, however, when you finally take that first heavenly bite.  Your defeat is a quiet one, as you think to yourself,  “Well...what would the season be without some of this, after all?  And what would New Year’s be without my usual resolution?”

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