December 5, 2011

Family Monster

There is one monster you can never escape.  A monster that is never very far no matter how many times you run off to “find yourself”.  That would be Family Monster.

Family Monster always wears the same old sweater for every family get together, complimented perfectly by his reading glasses attached to the lanyard around his neck.  He’s got great big arms, and he’s always happy to see you.  He’ll put extra helpings on your plate when you don’t want them and loudly announce your embarrassing stories to complete strangers or anyone at all you might wish to impress.  He’ll also hug away your doubts and listen closely to that new hobby you have that no one else seems to care about.

And back in the long ago, when you did that thing: the one you thought no one would ever forgive you for…Family Monster gave you that look that he gives.  And maybe you quaked in your boots for a minute, but then he took you in a great big-armed hug, his eyes twinkling because he made the very same mistake when he was just about your age, and it’s not his job to teach you about mistakes – he’s just happy to pick you up after them.

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